We believe the use of medical marijuana should be globally accepted and sufferers of mental or physical conditions should feel safe and comfortable both at home and abroad. Our all-in-one software solution supports governments with the regulation, dispensation and tracking of medical marijuana prescriptions for international patients.

We do not sell any CBD or THC related products, however, we are in the process of establishing partnerships with governments who support the use of medicinal marijuana that can be purchased through our network of locally controlled dispensaries or accessed via clinics using our ID cards as verification.

Our technology specialists are working on the release of our biometrically secure ID verification system for vending machines so that government-run institutions storing our machines will be confident that the person purchasing goods are verified, have a digital record of their valid ‘Letter of Endorsement’ from a registered practitioner and are legally entitled to be prescribed medical marijuana products to help with their current medical conditions.

Our goal is to become an internationally recognized authority that helps sufferers get access to their medication abroad through a legal supply chain and in strict conjunction with local government departments by adhering to local laws and regulations. We do not support the use of smoking cannabis for recreational purposes and are strictly working with those who need medical marijuana to treat their health conditons.

Thank you for your support, it means the world to us!

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Ritish Rajan Dorai

CEO & Founder


Rinish Rajan Dorai MD

Consulting Physician


Farhan Maaruf & Co

Legal counsel Malaysia


Nannapat LeeAue

Legal counsel Thailand


Christophe Moulard

Consulting CFO


Harish Kumar Thanabalan

Consultant For Asian Awareness


Kieran Hyland

Lead Consultant, and Head of Development Kieran Q. Hyland

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