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Your CBD Med Card will verify you as an approved international medical marijuana patient and give you access to a network of medical marijuana clinics worldwide.

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Upgrade Your Existing State MMJ CardCard

The fastest way to get approved is to transfer your existing state MMJ card to a CBD Med Card. By making the upgrade, you will get access to a network of clinics for when you are traveling in Thailand.

Virtual ID Card

Virtual ID Card Virtual ID Cards are easy to download and can be stored directly on your smartphone for offline use. Virtual ID cards are free for anyone purchasing an Encrypted ID card and will be automatically uploaded to your account.

Physical ID Card

Physical ID Card Your Physical ID Card will verify you as an international medical marijuana user and identify you as someone who needs medical marijuana medication. The Physical ID Card is a security-hologram covered card that can fit easily in your wallet.

Encrypted ID Card

Encrypted ID Card Our premium Encrypted ID Cards have a security-hologram, encrypted with secure biodata and an in-built virtual currency to identify you as an international medical marijuana user. Our Encrypted ID cards provide top-level security and access to medical marijuana clinics in Thailand.

Marijuana in Asia

Across Asia there is currently no legislation in place that allows international patients who are prescribed marijuana to access their medication from controlled dispensaries or clinics. This is about to change!

However, like Thailand, we are noticing that more and more Asian countries are opening their doors to medical marijuana programs and our mission is to facilitate this trend by connecting governments across Asia together in order to create a network where prescriptions are controlled, fairly regulated and easily accessed by anyone who needs medication when traveling abroad. Getting caught with marijuana is still a very serious offense throughout Asia. Always be aware of the laws and use your common sense when visiting a foreign country. Our ID verification cards aim to help add another layer of security by providing a digital verifiable statement, that shows you have been screened and approved by a certified doctor for the use of medical marijuana products to help control your medical conditions. For those who are suffering, we wish you a speedy recovery.

International Medical Marijuana Card

CBD Med Card offers you a convenient choice of carrying your id card which has verification of your prescription and recommendations all on a clinical system in English where ever you may travel.

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