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CBD MED CARD - Ready To Launch!

CBD Med Card Launches Global Platform To Support Governments With Regulating The Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Emerging Markets.

CBD Med Card connects patients to a local tele-med team who can approve the use of medical marijuana and issue a Letter of Endorsement for up to 12 months validity in any country they are visiting. Approved patients will be sent an encrypted physical ID card using biometric technology to secure their personal information and this will give them access to a network of government-controlled CBD dispensaries across Asia.

[PLATFORM LAUNCH] CBD Med Card has created a ‘first of its kind’ platform in Asia to help international governments with an all-in-one solution to support the regulation and dispensing process to help with the influx of medical tourism. The system will give governments full control of who has access to CBD prescriptions, a tool for on-going market research and full control of the products available to medical tourists. CBD Med Card will be providing patients with encrypted medical ID cards for international use with global recognition in areas where medical marijuana is legal. The firm believes medical marijuana should be available for those who truly need it and that there needs to be a solid system in place to help support both governments and international travelers who currently have no means to access medication whilst abroad.

To obtain a medical marijuana card on the system, the patient will be required to undergo a strict medical consultation with a registered tele-med practitioner from the country they are visiting. If approved, their data will be stored on their physical encrypted ID card which can be used whilst traveling. CBD Med Card is placing biometrical secure dispensing machines inside government institutions, such as hospitals and clinics, where patients will only have access to their prescriptions if they meet the criteria. Patients will have to pass biometric security checks and have a valid "Letter of Endorsement" signed off by a doctor from the country they are visiting. If they fail, the dispensing machine will not allow access to any medication.

‘Across Southeast Asia, there are still many legal grey areas and this makes things very difficult for governments to control. New laws are also extremely confusing for travelers who may not be aware of what they can access when they are abroad. What we provide is an all-in-one solution that helps governments make the first step, by regulating who can access CBD medication, whether that’s a local individual or an international traveler.’ - CEO Ritish Dorai

CBD Med Card will be launching the platform on 20th Febuary 2019 with a generous 50% pre-sale offer for early adopters for a limited period.

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