Frequesntly Asked Questions

CBD Med Card is here to add a layer of security and comfortability whilst traveling internationally with certain health conditions. Don't be a hero, always abide by the laws of the country you are visiting.

By joining our global community, this helps us build strong relationships with governments across the world who currently need an established system in place to dispense medical marijuana. Each new membership helps create global acceptance towards the use of medical marijuana. Acceptance is the first step towards accessibility. Right now medical marijuana is only accepted in a limited number of countries. Let's work together on changing this and commend places like Thailand, who have made a step in the right direction.

We use third-party international shipping companies to send your physical card anywhere in the world. We will always try to send your card as quickly as possible. For any inquiries regarding the shipment of your card, please email To help speed up your request, kindly provide us with your unique ID number, found on your dashboard.
As a CBD Med Card holder we advise strongly that you always adhere to the laws and regulations of the country you are travelling to.
We cannot guarantee that everyone will be approved by our licensed practicioners. The approval process and approval of your ‘Letter of Recommendation’ entirely depends on the assessment from our doctors and it is at their discretion to accept or reject your application based on your medical history and the medical conditions accepting by the country you are visiting. Please note: We do offer full refunds for those who are declined a "Letter of Endorsement", following a failed medical examination with our tele-med team. In order for the request to be accepted, please notify us within 30 days of your consultation for the request to be processed.
We endeavour to protect your data and privacy using our advanced air-gapped encrypted system.
You can transfer your current state card directly to your new CBD Med Card by selecting the product "Upgrade Your Existing State MMJ Card". Please note, your current state card is still valid after the transfer is completed. We do not recognize club cards of any kind due to the lack of verification.
A Letter of Endorsement is a recognition of support by a licensed medical practitioner for the use of medical marijuana to help alleviate certain health conditions . This is not to be confused with a general prescription. Each country will have its own specific criteria regarding international medical prescriptions and may have different processes in in place in order to receive medication.
Your virtual card will be accessible on your dashboard as a digital copy. For access, make sure you are connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile data. Your details will be sent to your registered email address with a PDF containing your Letter of Endorsement. Your virtual card will not allow you access to our supply of CBD dispensing machines, however you can upgrade to a physical encrypted card at anytime to make use of this feature by simply paying the difference.
As a CBD Med Card holder we advise strongly that you always adhere to the laws and regulations of the country you are travelling to.
Local authorities will want to know if you have been recommended by a licensed Doctor in order to use medical marijuana to treat your health conditions. Likewise, if you want to use your CBD Med Card to access CBD medication via dispensaries, your card will have to be valid. Any cards not renewed before the documented ‘expiry date’ will render the card invalid for use. To find your expiry date, please check your product list on your dashboard.
Buy now with PayPal
We currently only accept payments via paypal however, we will be adding more payment options in the future. Due to the processing and administration involved in appointing licensed practitioners for your consultation, we only accept full refunds for those who have failed the medical examination following the consultation with the tele-med team. All refunds requests must be made within 30 days of the consultation or the request will be denied. Please note, we do not offer any refunds for purchased ID cards or virtual cards that have been processed on your account.
Early adopters can benefit from a lifetime guarantee of pre-sale prices for every renewal made in the future. Each Letter of Endorsement comes in English and also translated into the language of the country you are travelling to.
Countries that have approved the use of medical marijuana are wanting to identify marijuana patients in order to regulate medication prescriptions. Being a registered and verified marijuana patient will provide an extra layer of security for you, when questioned by authorities. Our MMJ cards will help you get internationally recognized as a medical marijuana patient and provided your health conditions meet the criteria of the country you are visiting, your card will offer access for you to pick up your medication from controlled government facilities or international marijuana dispensaries.
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