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PRODUCTS - How is Medical Marijuana Used?

Get to know the wide range of CBD products available in today's growing market and methods of intake.

In recent years, the medical marijuana industry has grown exponentially. Researchers and medical institutes have teamed together over the years to compile lengthy reports that indicate incredible benefits when cannabis is used for medicinal purposes and this has helped ignite what can only be described as a medical revolution.

There are many ways to take medical marijuana, each with a slightly different effect, depending on the dose, strain and method of intake. The health benefits are quite astounding and people suffering from a wide range of conditions from Parkinson's and cancer to chronic pain relief, diabetes and even depression can be treated. If you think you would benefit from the use of medical marijuana, please look closely at the laws in both your country and specific state and ask your local general practitioner for a list of accepted conditions to see if you qualify. You can also find comprehensive lists posted on your state Department of Public Health official website or alternatively on your local national government website. Please note, a registered doctor is unable to prescribe medical marijuana like a regular antibiotic, they can only offer you a Letter of Recommendation at this stage which acts merely as a professional suggestion. If you are interested in following the industry news and keeping up to date then we highly recommend you check out Leafly as an online resource.

CBD Products - Quick Guide

CBD Oils are widely available today and are added to a large range of products.

The range of products available to consumers is plentiful and each CBD product comes with different absorption rates, methods of intake and form. This quick guide is just to give you a brief understanding of a few of the main methods available to you. Please consult with your general practitioner or your local dispensary for advice on which product would be best suited to your medical condition and for recommendations on CBD dosage.

CBD Products Available: CBD capsules, CBD sprays, CBD transdermal patches, vapors, CBD tinctures, oral syringe

CBD Capsules
Capsules and gels are an industry favorite for many reasons. They are easily digested, transportable and come with very accurate dosages in a range of different strengths

CBD Sprays
Due to the intake method, sprays have a fast-acting absorption rate and can help relieve pain very rapidly. Many people enjoy sprays as they are convenient to use and the products come with a variety of flavours to enjoy.

CBD Transdermal Patches
Patches have been used in medicine for many years. You may have seen nicotine patches at your local pharmacy. CBD patches work in a similar way, you apply the patch to a venous area of your skin and the dose is activated via heat. Patches are a slow release method of intake and generally last longer than most other forms of CBD medicine.

CBD Vapors
For those who have recently given up smoking and may have switched to vaping or e-cigarettes to help kick your habit, you'll be pleased to know your local vape store may provide CBD E-liquid. Going to a vape store these days is a bit like stepping into a cloudy parallel of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and the different assortment of flavors available for CBD vape juice does not disappoint. CBD oil is the concentrated form of Cannabidiol and vaporizers work by heating up an organic cotton wick saturated in the e-juice and the user will then inhale the vapour resulting from the rise in temperature.

CBD Tinctures
Administering your CBD dose via tinctures can be a good option for those with a steady hand. CBD tinctures can be ingested by placing a few drops under your tongue and the bottles come in a range of dosages. We have never used tinctures but we have read some reviews online suggesting this method is hard to measure an accurate dose and if you are not careful, it can be very easy to spill.

CBD Syringe
Governments in the process of legalizing medical marijuana seem to be highly in favor of distributing CBD oral syringes. Measuring doses is highly accurate, easy to ingest and can come as a single use or multiple-dose package. There are many flavours available on the market too. Don't panic, to use a CBD syringe you will not be required to locate a dark side alley and inject your drug intravenously, this method is simply ingested orally with ease.

Every day new products are popping up on the booming new market. We have seen an upsurge in product development in the CBD edible range with many companies creating snacks, cakes, and even gummy bears. 2019 will be a massive year for the industry and we are really excited to see it grow in the coming years.

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